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    About  artsbuy.com

    Initiated in 1997, artsbuy.com is a Sino-foreign joint venture run by several domestic powerful arts and crafts economic entities and some Chinese arts and crafts research or collection institutions and organizations both at home and abroad. It is one of the early ICP enterprises in China utilizing Internet to provide network services. In the last few years, it has set up not only an advisory group that is academic and authoritative in Chinese arts and crafts, but also a strong network workforce made up of a large number of young and capable technical personnel who are good at electronic business.

    Having a sound foundation, artsbuy.com has further carried forward China's 5,000-year-long cultural tradition, erected a network bridge between oriental culture and arts with western culture and arts, and made considerable contributions to developing information industry of Chinese culture and arts on Internet. artsbuy.com was crowned with the title of "China's Outstanding Network Station" by the Ministry of the Information Industry, becoming one of "China's Top 100 Network Stations" in 1999; and the title of "China's Outstanding Cultural Network Station" by the Ministry of Culture in 2000. It has been covered time and again by mass media both at home and abroad.

    Following the knowledge economy and the fact that China will soon become a WTO member, enterprises are facing a challenge of worldwide economy. How to utilize high-tech of electric business to serve the development of business of China's arts and crafts is the development goal of 21cnarts.com in the near future.

    In cooperation with famous international software companies, artsbuy.com will develop the "Online Trading System of Chinese Arts and Crafts" in different languages in order to serve foreign businessmen speaking different languages. Today it can offer a variety of services thanks to the establishment of a net shop, an enterprise data bank, business information, product index, analogue negotiation, inter-exchange-able supply and demand information issuance, and WEB data management service to meet the needs of different enterprises. It has also adopted the most advanced CA certificate of assurance conformity technology and ISS product technology verified by the Ministry of Public Security (a fast and safety payment means that can help clients pay through inter-banking accounting handling system covering 12 large domestic banks) to serve enterprises and help them realize online business as early as possible.

    artsbuy.com has now become the No.1 of its kind in China for the majority of Chinese arts and crafts enterprises to choose when developing electronic business as well as an important net in the world on which business of arts and crafts is being traded.

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    E-Mail:info@mail.artsbuy.com  全國統一服務熱線 400 - 056-8684

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